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Hetty van Boekhout

Wax – Resist


On my technique

I learned the Batik-technique in a very traditional way , during my art-studies at the ´Stadsacademie´ in Maastricht , the Netherlands , from 1963-67 .

I was fascinated being able to create a design on fabric , stage by stage , dip dying , using the tjanting for fine details with lines and dots . Batik combines my love and affinity for dye color and fabric .

For many years working with traditional Batik on fabric towards a more personal way , I didn´t feel satisfied anymore with the flat end-result of the surface after removing the wax . With Batik on paper I discovered new possibilities which I constantly explore . Paper with its own properties , thick or thin ,rough or smooth , opaque or transparent , creating tactile qualities . During my art-studies I made several applique´ tapestries .I enjoyed dying the fabric and assembling the pieces together .